unlock iphone with apple watch

Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch [3 Steps]

Face ID is often obsolete, especially in times when masks are compulsory.¬†However, you can also unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch and we”ll show you how to do it and all the settings to be made. Not every iPhone can be unlocked with the Apple Watch and it is not possible with every Apple Watch … Read more

factory reset samsung

How To Factory Reset a Samsung Phone

By doing a factory reset on your Samsung you actually wipe all your data and make the phone looks like a brand new device, meanings will be reset to its factory settings. Today I will be showing you different methods to factory reset Samsung phones in the easiest ways even my grandma can do it. … Read more

unlock samsung when forgot password

How To Unlock Samsung When Forgot Password, PIN, Pattern

Forgot your password or PIN to unlock your Samsung device? You’re not alone, it’s happening to all of us. On this guide will cover different methods to unlock Samsung when forgot password without losing data or factory reset. Security features on any device are an important factor these days. Samsung devices are well known for … Read more

How To Take a Screenshot on iPhone

Screenshots with the iPhone in the easiest way: we will show you how to take a screenshot on iPhone using different key combinations and through assistive touch, but also how to take long screenshots (scrolling). With an iPhone screenshot you take a capture of what’s currently on your screen’s display. You might want to send … Read more

How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode (Instantly)

Forgot your iPhone passcode and you’re looking for a method to bypass the locked screen without losing data? Check our complete guide on how to unlock iPhone without passcode, PIN, Pattern Lock or Face ID, using our NoobDev’s PassLess Online Tool. On this guide I will cover different methods to unlock iPhone passcode without computer … Read more