How To Factory Reset iPhone 13 Without Password, PIN, Pattern Lock

There are many reasons to hard reset iPhone 13. Maybe you just want to sell or give away your Apple smartphone and make sure that all data is deleted or forgot your iPhone passcode and don’t know other ways to recover it.

No matter the reason is, on this guide will show you over 7 methods (including using our tools) to reset an iPhone 13 to factory settings.

In this in-depth 10 minutes guide you’ll learn:

  • how to make a backup before iPhone 13 hard reset.
  • how to reset an iPhone using NoobDev’s dedicated tool (recommended!).
  • how to soft reset your iPhone 13 using key combinations.
  • how to hard reset iPhone 13 without password / passcode.
  • how to reset your iPhone on Computer or Mac (with or without iTunes or iCloud).
  • how to hard reset iPhone 13 in Recovery Mode.
  • iPhone reset: important tips you should know about.

Is your iPhone device suddenly running super slow, almost getting stuck on the start screen or simply taking much longer than usual for standard processes such as starting an app? Then it makes sense to reset your iPhone 13 device.

NoobDev’s team has created an amazing online tool that helps you to hard reset any iPhone within 3 minutes or less, through a generated secret code based on your iPhone’s IMEI, device model and iOS version installed on your phone.

Before getting started, you should back up your iPhone data as the following methods could erase anything on your device. However, using our hard reset tool there’s no need to save your data as our methods are eligible with all Apple’s requirements.

How to make a backup before hard reset an iPhone 13

Basically, there are two common ways to create an iPhone 13 backup. The simplest method is iPhone data backup using iCloud. An iCloud backup saves all data automatically in the cloud. From there, all important information can be retrieved at any time – even if the content of your smartphone has already been completely deleted.

The second common method is backing up via iTunes. To perform an iPhone backup using iTunes, you need to connect your phone to a PC or laptop and then back up all data there. Hence, you can recover all of your content to a new device whenever you need.

Backup iPhone 13 data via iCloud

  1. go to Settings and tap on your Apple account ID
  2. tap on iCloud from that menu
  3. choose iCloud Backup
  4. hit the Backup Now button and you’re done

backup iphone icloud

Backup iPhone 13 data via iTunes

  1. connect your iPhone to iTunes 
  2. select your iPhone device in menu
  3. select This computer on the Backups
  4. click on back up now button

backup iphone data itunes

How to reset iPhone 13 using NoobDev’s factory reset tool

Just like removing FRP lock from Android, this also works in the same way. Through a secret code generated by our online app you can access hidden features on your Apple iPhone device including a method to reset iPhone to factory settings, without computer, iCloud or iTunes.

It works on any iPhone model and any iOS version, including iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, will not cause any data loss or damage your smartphone in any way. We don’t have access to your phone at all, as there is nothing to download or install. That being said, let’s see the instructions to hard reset your iPhone instantly.

Step 1: access our hard reset tool page and then connect your Apple’s IMEI though our tool. Even there are various methods to find an iPhone’s IMEI, the fastest one is by tapping *#06# on your phone app – just like making a call – and the IMEI will show up on your screen.

Step 2: choose your device model from the list, iOS version and complete captcha verification. Even the tool works through IMEI, giving more details about your device will help us give you better results. Click on “Proceed” and move forward.

Step 3: now the tool will calculate the secret code based on your submitted data. This may take a while, so please be patient. Once the code has been generated, you can access the secret code page where you’ll also find the step-by-step instructions on how to use the code to hard reset iPhone.

Because Apple’s change a lot we also need to update our tools each time they made an update. So in case tools might not work for first time, you have to generate a new code. However, there’s an 85% chance to get the unique code you need. Access our dedicated tool by clicking on the button below

How to soft reset iPhone 13 using key/buttons combinations

A soft reset is necessary when the iPhone stops responding. An app may be frozen and you can no longer exit it. Or the screen freezes elsewhere in iOS. Even a black screen is no reason to panic at first, a iPhone 13 soft reset may solve the problem. The fact is, however, that a soft reset is only necessary if the iPhone can no longer be operated normally.

The soft reset works with three actions: briefly press the volume up button, then press the volume down button and then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

If the device turns on after the iPhone soft reset but doesn’t complete the startup process, connect it to a PC or Mac with a USB cable. If the iPhone is displayed on the computer, you can start an update. If not, perform the soft reset again, but leave the iPhone connected to the computer with a cable.

How to hard reset iPhone 13 without password / PIN / passcode

The first option is to unlock your iPhone without passcode using NoobDev’s Passcode tool. Otherwise, you have to connect the iPhone to PC or Mac and process the factory reset with iTunes. But don’t worry, you don’t have to invest too much effort in this case either. However, the requirements is that you have already synchronized your iPhone with iTunes at least once.

Then all you have to do is follow these five steps:

  1. Back up all the important data that’s still on your iPhone.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac and open iTunes.
  3. Click on “Restore iPhone“.
  4. In the menu that follows, click on “Restore” again and then on “Next”.
  5. Now all you have to do is accept the license terms and wait for the iPhone reset to complete.

iPhone 13 Hard Reset or erase data with iCloud

This method applies mostly if you don’t have the device on your hand (in case you lost your phone) – remotely – via Find my iPhone feature on iCloud. These are the instructions to erase data on iPhone using iCloud:

  1. access on your browser.
  2. log in with your iCloud ID and password.
  3. select the device you want to factory reset.
  4. click on “Erase iPhone”.
  5. confirm by submit your account password
  6. now all the data will be erased and you just factory reset your iPhone device.erase iphone icloud

How to reset iPhone 13 to Factory Settings

The last method to factory reset an iPhone is though phone’s settings. Unless you did a backup and restore after, all the device’s settings, keyboard dictionary, location settings and many other settings will be deleted from your iPhone.

After following the steps below, your iPhone is reseted to factory settings. You start as at the beginning on the welcome screen and can reconfigure the iPhone as a new.

  • open Settings app.
  • tap on General and then Reset option.
  • choose Erase All Content and Settings.
  • confirm by password.
  • restart your iPhone and you’re done.reset iPhone from settings

iPhone 13 reset: Important tips you should know

If your iPhone device is lagging or not responding to some apps, then a simple hard reset should fix these issues, there is no need to do an iPhone factory reset unless you sell the device, or you don’t have a backup – otherwise you can lose your contacts, apps, saved cards and other information stored on your device.

Before doing a hard reset on iPhone 13 you should close background apps, clear the browser cache and free up the memory. You should also deactivate Bluetooth and automatic WLAN search. Rebooting your iPhone should always be the last measure. Too many resets can cause damages.

We highly recommend in using NoobDev’s tools as these works without installing anything on your device or ask for “any” permissions to allow, it works with blacklisted IMEI, and it takes up to 5 minutes to do what you’ve asked for.

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