How To Hard Reset OnePlus 12 Without Password


Today I will be showing you different methods to factory reset OnePlus 12 , device in the easiest ways even my grandma can do it. Besides that, you will find out when to do a hard reset and how to make a backup of your OnePlus 12device.


By doing a factory reset you actually wipe all your data and make the phone looks like a brand-new device, meanings will be reset to its factory settings.


What is a OnePlus 12 factory reset, hard reset or master reset

A factory reset, also known as a hard reset or master reset, is the best procedure to fix persistent software issues when your OnePlus 12 device is significantly slower than it was at the beginning, battery suddenly empties very quickly, or you notice unusual losses in performance, but also when you want to give away or sell the device.


However, depending on your device’s issues a factory or hard reset does not always have to be the solution. Sometimes a so-called soft reset is sufficient, i.e., simply restarting the OnePlus 12 smartphone. What may seem unusual or even too simple at first glance often holds true miracles to fix small problems on the smartphone.


In general, all OnePlus 12 devices can be reset to the factory settings with the help of a so-called hard reset. With OnePlus 12 smartphones, this is done either via the settings, via the recovery mode, Samsung’s Find My Mobile or Android Device Manager if the smartphone no longer reacts normally.


How to back up a OnePlus 12 , phone before factory reset

Before doing a factory reset on your OnePlus 12,you should back up all important data. If there is a microSD card in the smartphone, remove it and back up its data as well. Because an encrypted microSD card can no longer be read after the reset.


The “private key” required for this is deleted during a OnePlus 12 hard reset.


If you already have a backup of your phone or don’t need one, you can just skip these steps. Otherwise, these are the steps to factory reset OnePlus 12 , without losing data.

Backup or restore OnePlus 12 , from settings menu

The fastest and easiest way to back up a OnePlus 12 phone is from its settings menu. Depending on the device model and Android OS version, these can be different. All the data will be uploaded on cloud – on your OnePlus 12/ Google account or to a SD card. Once done, you can restore saved data in the same ways.


Access Settings app on the phone.

Go to Accounts (here you can also manage the linked account).

Select the account (where) you want to save the data in.

Tap on Backup from the menu.

Select which data you want to save: logs, apps, messages, etc.

Click on Backup Now button and wait for the process to complete.


Backup or restore data with OnePlus 12account

Another way to reset a OnePlus 12 , phone to factory settings is though your OnePlus 12account. Depending on the Android version you have installed, the steps might be different. Here are the instructions to back up on Android 12 and earlier.


Access Settings then go to Accounts and Backup.

Under OnePlus 12 cloud tap back up data.

Select the apps you want to back up and tap on Back up now.

Wait until the data is being saved and then tap on Done.


For other device’s models and Android versions, here are the settings:


Nougat and Oreo: Settings > Clouds and accounts > Backup and restore > Back up data > Select the data > BACK UP

Marshmallow, Lollipop, and KitKat: Apps > Settings > Cloud > Backup > Select the data > Back up now

Pie: Settings > Accounts and backup > Backup and restore > Back up data > Back up

Backup OnePlus 12 , to a PC or Mac with Smart Switch

Smart Switch is a quick and easy way to create backups of your smartphone data for safekeeping. Smart Switch can create backups from both Android and iOS devices and can restore your data to a OnePlus 12 smartphone, making setting up your new phone a breeze.


Watch the video above to see how it works and how easily it is to transfer files through devices.


When to factory reset a OnePlus 12 , device

In some cases, a soft reset does not help, so you cannot avoid resetting the OnePlus 12 to the factory settings. We have listed the most common reasons for you here.


Bad performance: Over time, your OnePlus 12 device accumulates a lot of data in its internal memory. This can cause the smartphone to run much slower than when it started. In this case, it can help to reset the device to the factory settings and free it from unnecessary data garbage.


Viruses: Suddenly it is there and restricts functionality: a virus on your smartphone. And even worse – viruses can read private data. Here, a hard reset is the best solution to secure your data from third parties and be able to use the phone normally again.


Selling: If you want to resell the OnePlus 12 device, resetting is essential. With a hard reset, you erase all data and settings so that the next owner can get the phone like it came off the assembly line and set it up again on his own.

Factory reset / hard reset a OnePlus 12 , with NoobDev’s tools

As you may already know, we create mobile unlocking tools which helps you to reset, bypass FRP on any Android device, bypass iCloud or google accounts, remove passwords / PINs without knowing them or unlock the network carrier. Mostly works through a secret code allowing you to access a hidden menu on your OnePlus 12 phone or TAB.


Our factory reset tool can easily help you to factory reset OnePlus 12 , without losing data, through a secret code based on your device IMEI. It works online on your browser (desktop and mobile) and it takes less than 5 minutes to get your OnePlus 12 phone resets to factory settings.


Access the OnePlus 12 factory reset tool by clicking on the button below and then follow the instructions to hard reset a OnePlus 12 device in 3 minutes or less, without losing any data or damage your warranty.


How to factory reset a OnePlus 12 , phone in Recovery Mode

This reset method is also useful to factory reset OnePlus 12 when forgot password, PIN or pattern lock, and it allows access to the basic system of the device; and this applies equally to all OnePlus 12 smartphones and other Android devices.


To activate recovery mode, first turn off the device and then press the “Power”, “Volume” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. A menu then opens in which you have various setting options to calibrate the software.


Tip: Only make adjustments that you are sure will affect the confirmation. The OnePlus 12 smartphone is navigated in recovery mode using the “volume” and “power” buttons. You can use the “Power” button to select and confirm an option.


Then select the option “wipe data/factory reset” and confirm the action with “Yes – delete all user data”. With this step you have erased all your data and factory reset your OnePlus 12 device.



Reset a OnePlus 12 device to factory settings through secret codes

OnePlus 12 has built into most of its smartphones the ability to reset the OnePlus 12 cell phone using a secret code and perform the Hard Reset Samsung. Notice: all data will be lost by using this method.


To reset OnePlus 12 , phone enter a code and start call button. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that your OnePlus 12 mobile phone can still be operated.


Reset Code 1: *2767*2878# “green handset” (new models)

Reset Code 2: *2767*3855# “green handset” (new models)

Reset Code 3: #*7728# “green handset” (older models)

Reset Code 4: *#0947# “green handset” (Bada OS)

TIP: How to completely erase private data on Samsung

If you intend to resell your phone, you should take further data disposal steps to ensure your data cannot be recovered. With a little software knowledge, this is still possible after a OnePlus 12 , factory reset.


If you have reset the smartphone, you can permanently delete your cell phone data either manually or with so-called shredder apps.


Delete data manually


Set up the smartphone again after the reset – this time preferably with a fake Gmail address. Now load random sample images onto your Samsung, create imaginary contacts and install apps that you used before. This will overwrite the old data and make it very difficult to recover. Then reset the phone back to factory settings.


Erase data with shredder apps


The shredder apps are a handy alternative to manually deleting your data. Such apps specialize in automatically overwriting old storage space with random content, so your private data cannot be recovered.


To do this, first reset the phone to the factory settings and start it again. Now download a shredder app, such as Andro Shredder, and start the overwriting process. After that, you can reset the phone again and sell it worry-free.