How to Mirror Android Phone Screen to PC

Knowing how to mirror Android screen to PC can be an extremely crucial task, especially for those who use the device on a daily basis and don’t want to have to switch between multiple screens. That’s because it’s much easier to be able to do everything in one place.

Regardless of the reason, know that it is possible to use the cell phone directly on the PC in two different ways, one of them using a third-party app and the other using a native Windows feature that, in a way, contains limited resources. Check out the step-by-step below!

How to Mirror Mobile Screen to PC

The best option to cast Android screen to PC is using Screen Mirror app.

  1. Download the Screen Mirror app ( Android ) on your cell phone and, when you open it, click on “Or try the limited version”;
  2. On the PC, through a browser, access the Screen Mirror App website and a QR Code will be displayed on the screen;
  3. Back on the cell phone, click on the “Connection” icon in the lower right corner and point the cell phone camera and read the code displayed on the PC. Remember that it is necessary to leave the connected devices on the same Wi-Fi network;
  4. Once the app connects, your smartphone screen will be displayed on the PC and you can use it. Unfortunately, as Android bars screenshots on some specific apps, it’s likely they won’t show on PC;
  5. To end the stream, go back to the app and tap the “Stop” icon in the lower right corner.

How to Access Android Phone on PC Natively

Windows even offers a native solution that allows you to pair and use the cell phone through the PC, but without necessarily mirroring the screen — this is only possible for a few devices (especially the newer Samsung ones).

However, the option can be an alternative for those who want to access device notifications, photos, and messages directly on their Windows PC.

  1. On the PC, open the Link to Mobile app, select your Microsoft account and click “Continue”;
  2. On your cell phone, download the Link to Windows app ( Android ), remembering that on Samsung devices, the app is usually installed at the factory;
  3. Make the initial settings of the app on the phone and give the necessary permissions;
  4. Check the checkbox indicating that the app is ready on your cell phone, click on “Pair with QR Code” and scan the code on your cell phone;
  5. With everything ready, click on “Continue” and connect as many cell phones as you want;
  6. Choose one of the connected devices, go to the “Messages”, “Photos”, “Calls” or “Notifications” tab to access the phone’s features on the computer. For some Samsung devices, an option to mirror the screen will appear.

Ready! From now on you have the necessary tools to mirror your mobile screen on your PC.