Sim Not Provisioned MM#2: What Is And How To Fix

Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 error message simply means that the SIM card is not having or receiving service from your carrier or your phone thinks your SIM card is toasted. No need to panic, on this guide will show you how to fix this error on both Android and iOS phones.

Regardless, some of the main reasons for the “Sim not provided” error are:

  • your phone is not connected to a network carrier.
  • the phone or the SIM card are defect.
  • your phone’s firmware is outdated and does not communicate via the SIM.
  • there can be dirt on the SIM or on the phone.
  • the SIM is not properly inserted in the slot.
  • the SIM card has not been activated yet.

Smartphone or SIM card damaged

Since the error “Sim Not Provisioned” can be caused by both the device and the card itself, the first thing to do is to check where the problem lies. To find out, you need to test the SIM card in another device. If it detects it, you can rule out a defect in the card.

If you have multiple SIM cards, you can try them in the affected device. This way, you can test whether the problem is with the smartphone. You can send in a damaged SIM card to your mobile provider and request a new one. This often costs nothing or there is only a small charge. If you determine that the problem is caused by the smartphone, you should first try to see if you can solve it by resetting to factory settings.

Dirt on the SIM card or in the phone

A common source of errors are small dust particles on the SIM card: These particles are hardly visible to the naked eye, but can still cause problems because they block the contacts on the card. However, you can remove them quite easily with a cloth. To avoid damaging the contacts with scratches, a microfiber cloth is recommended here.

Besides dust particles on the SIM card, dust grains on the contacts of the SIM card slot in the smartphone can also cause the smartphone not to register the SIM card at all or to register it incorrectly. You can also get rid of this contamination quite easily: To do so, blow hard into the SD card slot several times. However, make sure to blow as “dry” as possible. Moisture can also cause the contacts to malfunction.